Join us!

All intelligence professionals, including military personnel, civil servants, businesses providing intelligence services, law enforcement, academia, and retired professionals, are welcome to join the Alamo Chapter!

The majority of our activities are held at the UNCLASSIFIED level at various venues.  Occasionally, we will hold a classified lecture at the AF Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Agency on Lackland AFB. Please contact the officers for information about attending these lectures.

While you do not have to be a member of NMIA to attend the Alamo Chapter events, it is highly recommended. By joining the NMIA, you will be helping to promote the goals and best practices of the profession.

The American Intelligence Journal is published by the NMIA quarterly.  At the full NMIA membership, you automatically receive a subscription. All intelligence professionals are encouraged to contribute articles to this renowned publication.

The NMIA hosts two symposia each year in the Washington, D.C. area. They usually feature keynote addresses by leading intelligence officials on timely topics of the ISR realm. Watch the NMIA website for announcements of these symposia.